Thursday, March 6, 2014

I love my Family!

Hello everyone! Before anything else, I want to introduce myself ! I'm Fretzie L. Bohol, 21 years old and was born of course in Philippines, the Island of Negros Oriental in the city of "GENTLE PEOPLE" (Dumaguete). My birthdate is May 20, 1992. I have brown skin, my hair is black and I have brown eyes. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and a child of record. I am just a simple person who is contented of what I have and only want to have a happy and peaceful life. I love being an LDS and proud to be. I love to read books, playing badminton, working with the missionaries, helping people especially those with special in needs and most especially I love writing. I supposedly in my 3rd year in college right now but last semester (1st semester) I dropped all my subject because I knew and felt it this was the right thing to do to gave up everything just to be back in the church. I don't have any regrets why I did it because after all those stuff which supposedly my big opportunity I was even more blessed and have this peace of mind. Ok, about my studies I'll write it here later. I want first to tell you about my family.
I love my long hair
Simply me: my short hair

I love being me!
 I LOVE MY FAMILY! They are the most precious thing I ever have in this life and I'm so blessed and lucky to have them. They raised me of being a good daughter and good ME. They taught me how to become  a good daughter to Heavenly Father, a good Ate, a good friend, good to everyone, and a good citizen. Just like Nephi he said in 1 Nephi 1:1, it says: "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all learning of my father; and having seen many afflictions in the course of my days, nevertheless, having been highly favored of the Lord in all my days; yea, having had a great knowledge of the goodness and knowledge of the goodness and the mysteries of God, therefore I make a record of my proceedings in my days." Just like Nephi, I'm so grateful that I have a goodly parents here on earth and taught all good things most especially the gospel. My parents taught me, my siblings, how to put Christ the center in our life. I could see their hardships, sacrifices, pains for us to become a good daughter and sons. How grateful I am, was born here on earth and I could see how my earthly parents love us so much most especially to our Heavenly Father. Since me and siblings were little kids, my mom and dad brought us to church and the teachings of the church has a great impact in my life. I want to make a record of my life while I'm still alive that's why the reason I want to make blog. I love my father and my mother. I have 3 siblings and I'm the second. My father's name is Roderick N. Bohol, 46 years old, was born on January 18, 1968. He is a tricycle driver and my dad is a silent type of person. My dad looks like a strict person, he has the other side of being strict but has a soft heart. I love my dad and I'm lucky, blessed he's my father. My mother's name is Leigh L. Bohol, 45 years old, was born on September 5, 1969. She's a housekeeper, a sales agent of simcards and a loving sweet mother. Just like my dad, she has a soft heart. For me, they are the best parents in the world. The most amazing parents I could ever have and love them so much.
This is my mom and me. My mom is the most beautiful woman and a mother in the universe. I'm so lucky and blessed that she's my mom because her beauty was passed on me. hehehe The sweetest mom ever.

My dad: the most handsome dad and a loving father. He treated us, my siblings equally. He knows who I am and proud to be that he's my dad. I sincerely love my dad. Actually, I'm afraid of my dad. hehe

I love my 2 brothers and 1 sister. They are very important in my life. It's normal for us to have misunderstandings yet we resolved it right away. We did some craziest stuff, we laughed together, we make small problems to a bigger problems, everything we do that makes us so super crazy. I have the most handsome kuya on earth. When I was a young kid, we always had fights because of toys, anything. He always made me cry because he loves to teased me and of course me I easily cried during that time. It was a funny thing to remember. My Eldest Brother, big brother, my Kuya is the best Kuya in the world. I forgot to introduce his name, he's Frederick L. Bohol, 23 years old turning 24 this coming June 3. My kuya is very sentimental and I'm blessed he's my kuya. I feel his love to me, to his siblings though he's not showy and he wants the best for us. He has a baby now named Danziel Erickson T. Bohol "Denzel, Derek, Dansoy, Kabayan". The cutest baby, my nephew. He's super smart and a happy baby. His mom is so cute named Jenilyn Tinaan. They're not yet married but they're getting married soon and I'm so excited for it especially for her baptism. Isn't it amazing? I saw how her testimony grows. Back to my Kuya, I'm helping him doing my best for him to back in the church and I feel it he's on his way of coming back to the church.

My handsome Kuya! :-) He's talented and loves music. He has a band and he is a bass guitarist. I'm the only sibling doesn't have a talent in music. LOL

Baby Danziel, Mama, Kuya and his girlfriend soon to be wife Jenilyn.

My super cute Baby Nephew Danziel ( 1 year old baby). I super love this baby. I love you baby!!!

My brother Spencer is the most shy among us (siblings) but love my younger brother. He's 18 years old and a talented one. He was born November 4, 1995. I love him so dearly. Like kuya, he loves music and good in playing guitar. He loves to draw and he's very creative. He's always been serious in almost all things but a joker sometimes. He's a good teacher as well and I really love his drawings. He gives me good advice and very concern about me. I'm a supportive Ate to him. He looks like my Lolo Lading, his face. hehehe My brother is quiet and calm person. He loves playing computer games like Kuya. Anyways, he's a handsome boy.

He's really a serious guy, my brother Spencer. Love him so much!
The last but not the least, my super beautiful, talented, funny youngest sister Famela. Among all of us, she's the most talented and easily get mad sister. hahah Anyways, I love her so much though we sometimes fight to each other. I hate it she's wearing my clothes but because I love her, I let her. She's the other half of my life because we shared in different things and she's the funniest ever. I love my youngest sister and sometimes she acted like I'm her younger sister and she's my Ate. I love of being so loved to her. But I hate her sometimes when I told her who I like, who's my crush because she's always against it. Hahaha. She's always responding me in negative ways when it comes to crushes. She's annoying and I'm annoying too. And of course, I did it to her back when she tells me about her too. Sounds funny. But we love each other and she's really a good listener. I love her in the way that she will ask permission to me first if this is a good choice for her. Before she's making her own decision and doing it she wants to let me know everything. We may have different likes but we're good in building a relationship of sisters. She has all the talents and me? haha She's really good in singing like mom and a dancer. She can move her body easily when she dance, pity on me, I'm not good in dancing especially in singing. My sister loves children more compared to me. I love children. She moves like a boy, very active. hahaha She's thrifty and more matured to me in some other things. I love my sister super. I'm a supportive sister to my brothers and sister. I'm trying to be a good sister to them.

My youngest sister is the best ever sister and love her so much. I'm blessed I have a beautiful sister like her. She's one of a kind sister. :-)

Among all of my siblings, I'm the shortest. haha but it's ok because I'm beautiful. :-)

MY FAMILY: FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!! I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father that He gave me the awesomest and amazing wonderful family here on earth. We're very rich of LOVE. We may not rich in temporal things but we're rich in the LOVE of Christ and have a strong bond of love to each other. Someday, I will have my own family and I want to have this kind of family that LOVE is the most important. Love is on the air!!!

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