Sunday, March 9, 2014

Till We Meet Again my BESTFRIEND MISSIONARY: Sister Webber!

My Eternal Best friend... :-)
I never thought I could ever have a best ever friend sister missionary. Working with her is one of the greatest feeling I ever experienced. I started working with her last January and one of the amazing experienced that I was so blessed that month. She gave me strength and she inspired, encouraged me to be strong in all the challenges that would come in my life. She never leave me, always in my side and the more I worked with her and her companion the more I was inspired to set my goal to go on a mission. Sister Webber is so fond to be with and like a true blood sister to me. Sister Webber and Sister Rugg inspired me a lot to go on a mission and as I always working with them, I have had this kind of feeling that I will become like them soon this greatest feeling I had. I'm so blessed and lucky that she was assigned here in Dumaguete Branch 3 just for a short time because I know Heavenly Father set her an instrument to me to be more motivated to become a great missionary someday. I really felt her love to me and that love she showed to me is very precious to me. She always told me "you're my bestfriend" and hearing that phrase gives so much meaning in my life. The best companion of Sister Rugg and Sister Rugg the best companion of Sister Webber. For 2 months being with them, the more I get to know them both and the more I learn so many things from them and the more my testimony grow each day. My bestfriend Sister Webber is one of the reasons why I want to go on a mission of course as well as Sister Rugg. They did amazing work here on earth, preaching the gospel to all the people especially those who didn't still know the restored gospel. I know Heavenly Father sent her here for us to meet, to know each other because He knows she can inspired me a lot in so many things most especially in spirituality. There's a purpose why she was assigned here in Dumaguete. Actually, she was called to serve in Tacloban Mission but because of the typhoon Haiyan happened last year she was reassigned in Cebu Mission for the meantime. She's a hero and her testimony is very strong. She is a blessing to me. Sister Rugg and Sister Webber are my blessings because they showed me the way, true friends of mine. I love them so much! :-D
Left: Sister Webber
Center: Sister Rugg
Right: Elder Revillo
( During our combined YSA and Branch Missionary Activity)
This is one of the amazing activity we had last January.
Sister Webber (my best friend) and me!
I look like a missionary. hehe

FHE and Farewell Party of Sister Webber

We already know she will be transferred anytime soon this month March but we don't know when. I always hoping that she will still stay here a little longer but maybe it's her time already to be back in Tacloban because many people need her and she can help even more to save people's souls. And since I knew already she will be back in Tacloban anytime soon I was thinking of giving her a farewell party or having a Family Home Evening in my home but the plan was changed. Instead of setting an FHE at home, I told my bestfriend Regine to give Sister Webber a farewell party, FHE and she responded to better held it at the church. We're doing our best as we can to have a successful FHE and farewell party for Sister Webber and yes t'was successful. And because of the helping hands of Kuya Jun Paul, Regine Conde, Regine Laurice and Abegail it was done so perfect. Though we started late but we enjoyed. I'm so much thankful for the presence of my family (Bohol Family), Supat Family, Alvarez Family(our Branch President's Family), and Mercadera Family for coming. Me and my friends ( Regine Laurice, Regine Conde, Abegail, and Kuya Jun Paul) appreciated it and for each family's effort who bring food. :-) I appreciated so much for showing their love to Sister Webber and I feel it their love is true. 
 We surprised Sister Webber to give a lesson at the FHE. We didn't inform her about it. hahaha oopss before I forgot she has a new companion Sister Mahoney. They both have beautiful voice and Sister Mahoney, she's from Australia. Anyways, they had a wonderful lesson that they taught to us and after the lesson they gave, the most awaiting part that we were really excited "GAMES". The title of the game is "Do you love me?'' and it's a fun game because everyone are involved. This was the idea of Elder Revillo and the next game was the idea of Pres. Alvarez (Branch 3 President) titled "America, Japan, Germany, and Philippines". All of us had fun and I won't ever forgot this night. I know within in myself that I gonna miss her Sister Webber and she will be leaving Dumaguete on Monday, how sad. But I know we will meet again. 
 I remember what she said to me always, "Promise me that you will never ever forget me. Promise?" Of course my answer would always be, "Yes, I promise I wont ever never forget you, you're always in my heart." But the best part what she said to me, "You're my bestfriend forever, you're like my own sister.", "We already met before in the pre-mortal existence and we're already best friends even before". Sister Webber is so sweet, smart and a beautiful young missionary. She's amazing and awesome. I promise to her that I should continue communicating to her mom and I called her mom "Momma Webber". Sister webber always telling me how much she really loves me. I really love Sister Webber, the best ever missionary, a best friend of mine. :-)
Till We Meet Again Sister Webber's cake
(Thanks Kuya Jun Paul for this cake)

Our 2nd Elder Missionaries of Branch 3
Left: Elder Calpo     Right: Elder Revillo

GAMES!!!! Hurry!

Sister Webber and Sister Mahoney were singing "Till We Meet Again"
(Blending voice)

Sister Webber and my mom! 

TILL WE MEET AGAIN! I love you! <3 <3 <3

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