Friday, April 11, 2014

The Unforgettable Simple Wedding of my Kuya

 I remember how I got so busy that day (March 24,2014) preparing for the day of my kuya and his wife now Jenelyn. They didn't know that we had a surprise for them and such an unexpected preparation that we prepared for them. I went out early in the morning and they thought I would have my PMG class in the church which I didn't go to. Regine, Abby, Sushmita and I planned this already before the day of their NUPTIALS. It was a fun thing to do and we were so haggard. Me too, I was surprised that Mommy Gemz did some decorations with her mamu! They both so talented though we're all financially out but we still find a way to make it perfect. The reception held at the church and few were invited, selected friends and close family as well as the missionaries from our own branch 3 and the other branch ( Branch 2 ). We had a small celebration but that was the most memorable unforgettable day that I could ever give to my Kuya.

 The family of my sister-in-law was there too and they were all so shy but I know they were so happy. The wedding was held at the Hall of Justice. As I could see they were all excited to go to the Hall of Justice. The 2 witness of both sides were there already ready. My kuya's witness are Mommy Gemma Gamboa and Kuya Aristotle Manaligod and Jenelyn's witness are Mudra Eva Catipay and Kuya Jun Paul Supat. The Sister Missionaries, Sister Mahoney and Sister Dreu were there too.While their civil wedding was held at the Hall of Justice, me and my friends busy preparing, cooking for the Nuptials. All our faces were very haggard, tired but we enjoyed what we're doing. They came after the civil wedding but we're not yet done in cooking. They waited for a while, they had picture taking. After all the preparations, we started already. Instead of calling it a FHE, we called it Family Home Afternoon.

 The one who conducted the FHA was Elder Revillo. I was so happy that I could see the faces of newly wed couple happy. My kuya was so handsome as well as his wife Jenelyn so beautiful. One person who is missing in the event, my baby nephew, their baby, Danziel, because he's in Siquijor and that time the weather was not good. Each member of both families gave their own message to them. I was the first one who gave the message and then my mom. I don't want to cry in giving them a message so I said it in a funny one. My mom cried in giving a message to them then in Jenelyn's side only one, her grandma, gave a message to them because the rest were all shy. There's one member of the family of Jenelyn that's really funny, her uncle. Actually, the room was cold because of the aircon but his uncle his body was shaking and he's sweating we could see it on his face, his head. He looked like he just newly taking a bath. He looked like that because he was so nervous so we didn't let him say something the newly wed couple. Well, Regine gave a message too and the last one who gave was Elder Revillo. We actually supposedly move to the next program but hey my Kuya's childhood friend, Alvin, and our dad were able to caught up for the message to them. Alvin giving a message was so funny but my dad's message was so touching. It's my first time to see my dad cried especially giving his message to my kuya. I could see and felt it how he loved my Kuya so much though he's not really expressive. That was the best message ever I heard.
Jenelyn's Family Side
Left: Grandma
Right: Her mom

Left: Jenelyn's grandma
Right: my mom

Sister Missionaries of our own Branch, Branch 3
(Sister Dreu and Sister Mahoney)

 So this is it! It's dinner time! A little preparations but it's really worth it. I had fun talking to my friends, had some picture taking. I'll cherish every moment happened this night. I will never forget how I and my crush talked most of the time. hahah just for inspiration only, no other than that. But I was so happy that the event was done successfully. Thanks for all the people involved making this possible to happened. I forgot that the one who gave a lesson was Elder Walker. That was a nice lesson and on the spot lesson. Well, Elder Walker was really good huh. Though Elder Walker is in Branch 2 but his companion and him attended the Nuptials. Sister Forbush and Sister Crispino went there too. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father helped us too in giving us strength and for the many blessings he poured unto us.

 I'm happy and contented if the people around me are happy as well. The joy in their faces cannot buy any wealthy things here on earth and because of the gospel they have in their lives that makes their life so complete. Showing my gratitude to the people who helped me making this possible to happened and make it a perfect one. You're all the blessings that Heavenly Father sent to me. I owe you guys and love you!

There we are! Elder Revillo asked to join me in the picture taking! :-D

Elder Revillo "The Conductor"

My Cute chubby friends! hahha
Nicka Mae Maputi
Sushmita Rivera
Abbygail Catipay

Elder Maasin
Elder Walker
Elder Calpo

Regine (blue)
Gerry Evans

My friendships!!!!!

Ga pa cute sila!!

This is the video! Love this video!

 We made a video to make it more memorable. Thanks to my dear friend Maitabells! :-)