Monday, September 1, 2014

Finally! My Mission Call is HERE

I've been waiting for my mission call to arrive for about 3 weeks. Patience and patience. :-)


ActuallyI started to process my papers last February and I encountered problems while I was processing all my papers but then I actually overcame it all. I always had a problem with my medical that I thought it's all over now. Then follow my dental papers which I should have to come back to my dentist. When everything were ok I realized something very important that I need to correct the mistakes I did before. I thought I won't be forgiven and take months before I will be forgiven. But heavy burdens gone and I found myself being born again and feel the purity inside of me. After all that, I waited when the mission president will come back here in Dumaguete but when he said he will come back during our 1st ever Dumaguete Stake Conference my friend told me that I will no longer pass my papers to him. My papers will be directly submit it to whoever our Stake President will be. So here it goes, I have to wait for about 2 weeks, June 15 was our Stake Conference. In the day of the conference, I submitted it to our 1st Stake President. So it's on his hands already but there were some problems again.

 He thought my papers were incomplete so he talked to me and I felt nervous about it. When I checked my papers everything were complete. I was almost giving up and been out of patience. Haha. So I gave it back to him. The following day, I asked him how's my papers now? He answered me that he is still waiting for the response from the church headquarters how to send my counterpart and he returned my money to keep it while waiting. I waited again.
(2nd Week) He informed me that I will give directly to the Bishop on Sunday my counterpart putting it in a Tithing slip but I will not write the amount in Tithing but at the bottom word "Others" then specify for what this for  then he will get the receipt. So everything went smoothly fine.
 (3rd Week) I follow-up how's my papers. He is our teacher in the Book of Mormon class. After our class I asked him and he answered that he still on the process, he needs to type I think some of the information of my papers. A little bit disappointed but I always think positively.
(4th Week) Our class with the Stake President, our teacher, this really excite me during our class. He was discussing and mentioned about missionary work he inserted in the class about my call. He said that he sent it already to the Church Headquarters. This thrilled me a lot. hahaha


(1st Week) I was really thinking all over and over about my call, searching in the internet what's the process and about missionaries, missionary work. This is really is it. August 5, 2014 (Tuesday)- our Stake President texted me that "gud pm Sister Fretzie YOUR MISSION APPLICATION IS NOW READY FOR ASSIGNMENT". haha I jumped and shouted I was so super duper happy.

(2nd Week)  Wednesday, August 13, 2014-One of the unforgettable moment happened. It's all about my dream. Well, if you want to know the full story of my dream, I posted it before this. A close friend to my family who died 2 years ago holding a Melchizedek Priesthood. He was a father and an RM who got assigned before in Baguio Mission.
Book of Mormon class- Thursday- During our class, he inserted again to say "imong call sister fretzie kay READY FOR ASSIGNMENT". yay!!!!!! exciting!

(3rd Week)Sunday, August 17, 2014. I asked our Bishop what's going on about my papers and he said that "ASSIGNMENT MADE" but it's still in the Church Headquarters. I felt so nervous and excited. Thrilled!!!! :-)

(4th Week) Sunday, August 24, 2014. I didn't ask the Bishop how's my papers now. Then I saw Nathy and asked him if he can have access about those prospective missionaries improvement of their applications. And so he can access unfortunately not mine but in his ward only since I'm from Ward 3 and he's from ward 2. I saw the application of my friend Kathy that Mission call made and mail sent. And since I knew that our mission application update the same I was expecting that mine is coming. I might received my call within that week or after that week or 1st week of September.
Thursday, August 28, 2014. Book of Mormon class- our Stake President wasn't around and so there's a sub-teacher. During class, Kuya Rodel congratulated my friend Kathy about her call that she received it already. And she's called to serve in the Philippines Angeles Mission. She told me that there's other call too but don't know whose call. And so I felt nervous and excited. I felt it it's my call!!! I posted on facebook right away the news. haha and was confirmed. Our bishop commented on my post that he will give it to me this Sunday.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 31,2014. I woke up early 4 am and couldn't find the reason why I can't go back to sleep and so what I did was I read the Book of Mormon. I continued reading  Alma 17-19. These 3 chapters I really love it. About missionary work and how to become a successful missionary.  I woke up 4am started reading and I end up reading 7am. I didn't expect I was reading just only that 3 chapters for 3 hours? haha well, I think the reason why it took 3 hours for me because I was also writing what I understand, its inspiring message, and what I learned and what are the principles and I felt. In the midst of reading, pondering and studying it, I remembered what I had done before and felt though I was not yet totally forgiven. So I prayed again and I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me and if He forgive me already please give me an answer. After that prayer when I opened my eyes, the first caught my eyes exactly the words stated in the scripture in Alma "sins were forgiven" and so I felt the peace inside my heart and nothing to worry about it. :-)
And so this is it! We arrived at church early. I was hoping that our Bishop will handed down my call directly to me maybe after the sacrament. I was feeling so nervous and freaking out excited. But our Bishop announced that I'm going to get my call and read it in the pulpit.

 The more I got nervous though. I know already where I will be going but the thing for sure is that it's really different when you already received your call and read it. Tears falling. Tears of joy and I bore my testimony after reading. So same date to depart to MTC Kathy and me. After the sacrament my bestfriend Arlie who is getting married next year to attend her youth class and she let me talk in front of her students my experience during my preparation of my mission.

Yay!!! I'm so happyyyy finally I already have my mission call! :-)

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