Monday, August 18, 2014

I Believe All Things of God's Plan: My Inspired Dream

My dream last Wednesday,  August 13, 2014 was one of the amazing unforgettable ever happened and t'was like a true dream. A priesthood holder father who died I guess 2 years ago and in same ward, appeared on my dream. I still clearly completely remember everything what happen in my dream. I was at the church standing in the hallway near the office of the bishop then suddenly there's a big man standing in front of me. I was shocked and nervous because this man standing in front of me was already dead. My nervousness gone away when he shook my hand and remember what he said: "Congrats!" and don't clearly heard some of the words but this word "Baptism". I noticed he was wearing ALL WHITE- white polo, white necktie, white pants, and white shoes. He looks so healthy and so handsome. His beauty was so perfect I ever seen in my life having a youthful glowing beautiful skin. After that moment, I saw him talking to a few people and these people I can't see their face, all I can see just like a shadow. One he talked to was sitting in the wheelchair. I felt those people he talked to I knew them but don't know who they were. After a short talk to them, he bade a goodbye to me with a smile then went outside. I tried to talk to him. When I looked at the window, he disappeared and saw a man outside wearing all white, it was not him. And my dream continued, I saw his youngest daughter and I said to mind, I felt it that I need to talk to her about my dreams. So the priesthood holder father I meant here was the father of Nicka Mae Maputi.
This morning, after the sacrament I went directly to Nicka Mae and told her about my dream and then her mom. I just found out too that Ate Elly Mae, one closest to them had a dream last week about him. This wasn't her first time to had a dream to him but 3 times already. The description I told to them what he looked like in my dream was the same thing also Ate Elly Mae described wearing all white with a perfect image. It was such an amazing dream and he even talked to me. Her 3rd dream about him was he's carrying a scriptures and he was with someone she didn't know. Mom's Nicka told me that her husband during his mission in Baguio Mission was got the highest baptism all over the mission and who helped rescue less active  members in the Bacong Branch before (now a Ward). He rescued many members to be back at the church. He's also a close friend to my father, close family friend. His wife told me that he really visited his favorite people.

I realized many things after this dream of mine. He congratulated me because I'm going on a mission and he's so proud of me. I think too that he congrats me because maybe that was the day one of the Apostles all the way from Salt Lake Utah Church Headquarters made already me an assignment. A lot of things I really think of and I think there are so many things that have meanings. He said mentioned to me the word "baptism". I am thinking right now this could be Baptism for the Living and Baptism for the Dead.

1. Baptism for the Living - This might be or could be possibly talks about where the people I'm going to preach the gospel in the land where I will go to labor. In the sense that, many people are waiting of me there who are willing to accept the gospel, to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I feel and think this land will grow in prosperity because the people are ready. These are the people who are seeking for the truth, want to feel the true happiness within themselves. I might think to that as I set always be a good example to everyone, my relatives, through this they will join the church and be get baptized. In congratulating me, it could be the sense of  I might be able to bring many souls to Christ.

2. Baptism for the Dead- As what I said earlier, he talked to these people I don't clearly totally don't seen their image but a dark shadow and felt I knew them yet don't know who they were. This might be the meaning of I really should work out of my genealogy. I need to work my family history as soon as possible. I think those were my ancestors he was talking to. I feel that many of my ancestors are accepting already the gospel in the Spirit World and they're waiting of me right now to do my part for them. I think so that was the meaning.
Baptism for the Dead Font

3. Some meanings I interpreted about my dreams- Our world, the earth and the Spirit world are in the same place. Where living people live, that's where the Spirit World exist. The difference is just we can't see them but the Spirit people can see us. He was with someone so I guess he's a Missionary doing missionary work in the Spirit World.

 I realized more even more how Missionary Work is essential here on earth. Missionary Work isn't just only a work to preach the gospel to all mankind. But it is a very in demand work we have to do. We have to be part of Missionary Work not just by preaching the gospel but to save souls. The time is nigh, we have a lot things to do doing missionary work. We MUST help hastening the Lord's work. I know that the Missionary Work in the Spirit World are really so fast, it grow faster. And here on earth, as a living human we must also do our part to get involved doing missionary work. The more I understand  our prophets why they always giving us messages about missionary work and why now the age for missionary work changed. Girls can serve at the age of 19  and boys 18. Because the missionary work in the spirit world are so fast in growing and many souls accepted the gospel there, they are waiting for us to help them through that baptism for the dead. And many souls are waiting whose family haven't yet received the gospel here on earth or might received but not yet accepted- so these mean that we have to help hastening the Lord's work.

I know and believe that the fulness of the gospel is being restored through the instrument of Prophet Joseph Smith and it can be found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am humbly blessed because of my dream and even now I don't know where I'll go to serve, who don't know who are these people yet I already love them. My faith grows stronger and I know this is one of the greatest revelations I ever received. How grateful I am of being a member in the true church of Jesus Christ. I know there are more things that will revealed to me as I continue to read and ponder the scriptures. The key answers are there and all I have to do is to seek for it accompanied with prayer and fasting. Hearken to the leaders, prophets.

I definitely love the gospel, doctrines and teachings of the church.
 I truly believe I AM A WOMAN OF FAITH.


Fretzie L. Bohol

Below are some information I got about the Spirit World and the Spirit People there. After I write down about my dream and what does it mean to me, I searched and read about the Spirit World. So here are the infos I got. When I read it, I feel more amazed I was right about my dream and my own understanding on it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Hope They Call me on a Mission- COUNTDOWN

I hope they call me on a mission. I passed all my mission papers a few weeks ago and for about a week I was waiting for the update of my mission call. It's been about for 1 week I waited then the Stake President called me on the phone. He was asking the full name of my medical doctor. I thought he already send it to the church headquarters but I was wrong. He checked all my papers all over again to make sure everything will be ok. My Stake President was our teacher in The Book of Mormon class. It's been 1 week he had my papers and I still don't know what's going on so I approached him and asked about it. He told me he still have to take some notes and then send it. So I waited for about 1 week again. The next class we had while he was teaching and we came to a point talking about those youngsters going on a mission he inserted to mentioned that my papers were already to the church headquarters. I felt with joy that time hearing about the news. Our class to him is every Thursday and so I was thinking that they maybe arere checking all my papers then submit it to the Apostles to do the assignment made through the inspiration. As days passed, I still had on my mind what's going on with my papers. After that week, Tuesday afternoon (August 5, 2014), our Stake President texted me to informed that my mission application is "Now Ready for Assignment". At that moment I read the text message I jumped and shouted of knowing the update of my mission call. I was at home that time reading my scripture. My sister-in-law and my mom wandered what happened to me why reacted like that. They thought that my mission call was already made. haha That was funny how I acted like that. But I'm still half my way and don't know when will my mission call be made and ready to send it back, the mail. I always keep on searching about the mission application process and read it all over again and again. Everyday, I kept on searching the blogs of missionaries, their experiences and watching even their video opening their call.

 Since that day, it never blotted out in my mind about my mission application. I know the process how they assigned prospective missionaries. After the mission application sent to the Salt Lake City to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Headquarters,within the next two weeks or so, members from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will look over the application and through inspiration, determine the destination as well as the departure date. This will be the time filled with questions, guesses, wandered and anxiety where and when in everyone's mind. I have this anticipation feeling and so excited where the Lord wants me to go. I know the place I will be serving Him helping hastening the Lord's work is the place I meant to go. I'm beyond excited for this. One of the things I did was I asked some of my friends about their mission call, how long they've waited for it. Some say 3 to 4 weeks and now after that day the Stake President informed me, I feel though I'm waiting forever, it's too long for me to wait but I have to be patience for it. I'm always wondering ''WHERE IN THE PHILIPPINES WILL I GO"? Gessshhh.. I'm excited to preach the gospel and I know I have so many sacrifices of leaving my family to go on a mission but I know it's worth it.

I hope they call me on a mission. I feel like I'm waiting for years, forever about my mission call but patience keep me holding. I'm humbly patiently waiting for my call and I know I will be so blessed, my family and especially those people whom I will be preaching in the land where the Lord sends me.

I'm humbly blessed for the trials and challenges that came in my life because without it I won't ever feel the real happiness and won't find the truthfulness of the gospel. I gonna love it and I know it.

Future Missionary
Sister Bohol

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Missionary/Member Etiquette RE-POST

This isn't my own writings but I love this. I love reading this which is a reminder to all members. This is a big help for us to help all young full time missionaries to concentrate in their work. :-)