Thursday, June 19, 2014

Friday the 13th, my heart beats again. :-)

I received pouches this week. It feels so good when you know many loves you and how they show their love to you and others never break their promise. They never forget me and I'm so touched of it especially Sister Webber she never forgets me. I received 2 pouches from her it contained letters, necktie and lipbalm. And to today, I received 3 things: small PMG with banana picture since he knows my fave fruit is banana, a letter from one sister missionary and a cute red ribbon with bells on it. 

Happy to see some missionaries I know who were assigned in Dumaguete before especially Sister Bishun, Sister Minguez, Elder Daisog most especially the couple missionaries Sister and Elder Anderson . Glad to meet one of the couple missionaries I just met today, Sister Harris. She's so sweet and really good.

Elder Daisog talked a lot of things the improvement of the branch and his investigator before as well as about my family. Sister Alunio we joke all the time, she's really good and Sister Wahlcquist she's really beautiful I gave her my email add. All of them are so excited of submitting my mission papers on Sunday and especially that day will be the official Stake. I think I will be the first applicant who will be catered, entertained. They said it's faster to process compared before. I hope so everything will be alright I pray for that.

My heart beats again because all my friends, missionaries I talked to them and haven't seen them for  long time. :-)

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