Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 20 is my Birthday!

I didn't expect that my birthday will be so special to me especially many greeted me a happy birthday. I was expecting other people to greet me but only few of them. My family even forgot my birthday but it's ok I'm used to it since before. The most important thing is I always greet them when it's their birthday because I want their day to be as that special. Well, I'm so touch one of my bestfriends greeted me because she posted a long speech on my facebook wall and it makes me feel so special. It really made me cry. She really knows me well who really I am. I'm so grateful for all the people who loves me so much and so kind to me.
I had a fever on my birthday. That's one of the gifts I received. The Sisters of our own branch, Sister Mahoney and Sister Anderson gave a birthday gift to me. They were the first one who greeted me and the first and last who sing a Happy Birthday. Why they were the first one? because they did that before my birthday, May 19 (Monday). I was working with them and that day I started to feel unwell. Somehow, I feel glad I was working with them because I learned spiritual things from them. Sister Mahoney taught me something about before we came here on earth, what we do in the premortal existence and so many more. This is the gift I received from them:

Tuesday, my birthdate according to my father, it's not birthday. I was born Thursday so it's birthday. hahah.. I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for another year added in my age. I'm 22 already and can't even believe it. I'm preparing for my mission and I hope and pray everything will go smoothly. The Sister Missionaries from other branch texted me, greeting a Happy Birthday. Sisters from Bacong, Sister Ruiz and Sister Poteki, said in the text: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY gwApA.! NahigUgma gyUd mi nimo .. HopE yOu gOt spOilt ^.^ .. lOve yOu lOAds anD dOnt blOw thE cAndlE yEt hA .! wIsh yOu lUck .! hOpe yOur cAndle bUrns aLl yEar lOng .! xx" (9:35pm)
And the Valencia Sisters,Sister Wahlquist and Sister Aloniu: "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FROM ALL OF US TO YOU! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY UR REALLY OLD NOW TOO! ;-D joke lang! hope you have a great day fretzie! <3 (9:33am).
And to my budz, Arlie: "hi budz happy birthday!!!! :-) Godbless" (11:13am)
Abby: "Tsk. Tawun. Happy birthday nalang. haha" (2:17pm)
Maita: "Fretzieeee happy birthday get well soon" (6:59pm)
Te eva: "Happy birthday" (8:52am)
Regine: "Haaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppyyyyybbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrttttttttthhhhhhhdddddaaaaaaaayyyyyyppppppppprrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiittttttttsssssssssssiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! :::::::::))))))))))))))) hahahaha" (3:06pm)

One of the Best Greetings from my Bestfriend on Facebook

To my ever loving best friend Fretzie Bohol and Frettzz Laurie!! My kababata(sugod YW), my pakners in crime, my companion during missionary work, my twin (kay cgeg kuyog), my enemy (kay maldita ko), my comforter, my kajegat2 (kay daghan ming crush) ug labi sa tanan my sister from another mom&dad, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAY Pritsiiiii!!! i'm so blessed to have a friend like you, kusog musabot, kusog magpasensya, kusog manghatag ug kusog muserve sa laing tawo! sauna pako nagsulti nmu nga You're a one of a kind person. Dili pwedeng mailisan ug lain. Ikaw jud si ikaw. Haha i love you sugod sakong lapa2 hangtod sa dulo sa akong buhok. I know manluod ka nako kay maldita ko pero i know kasabot japun ka nako. Sorry usahay. Haha lablab tikaw and tinud.anay ni. Charing. padayun sa imung kakugi and kagwapa! Stay awesome kanunay ha? guwang na ka. My gesh. Cge ate pritsii magmission ba o magmenyu? Balitae ra nya ko. Haha mwaaaah. keep smiling!!!

Our memories together! ;-) I love this girl so much though sometimes she's annoying. Despite of her behaviour that can't be understood by anyone I'm the one who always understand her. hahahhaah 
Palangga jud ko ani nya. 

And thanks sa mga nag greet sa akoa. Ako jud syang gi appreciate pag.ayo! :-)
I miss my bestfriend Sister Sara Webber. I love her family as well! ;-)



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