Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Akong latagaw na hunahuna!

Today was really confusing. I went to the church and had a wonderful afternoon and night as well. I attended the baptism and gave the BR to 2 sisters (Sister Forbush and Sister Dreu) with SR and 2 elders (Elder Maasin and Elder Steiner with SR)who are going to transfer to the next area. We will miss them of course. I never thought that Sister Dreu and Elder Steiner will be transferred since they stayed here in Dumaguete for a short than their companions. But well it's the promptings and the revelation received from our dear Mission President. They were wonderful missionaries in our branch (Branch3). Sister Forbush and Elder Maasin both in the same branch (Branch 2) and they both wonderful. I was able to work with the sisters and elders in Branch 2 though I belong to branch 3. Helping working with other branches is such a nice feeling as well. Elder Lawrence and Elder Gabriel from Branch 2 serving in Siquijor was there as well. Elder Lawrence will be transferred as well to Cebu and it's a good news for me that his companion will be Elder Revillo who was assigned before here in Dumaguete Branch 3. I thought Sister Mahoney will be transferred but her companion Sister Dreu is the one who will be transferred. I gonna miss Sister Dreu especially the intonation of her voice. Sister Dreu was from Bicol and she has a sweet voice. I mimic her voice which is for me I enjoyed it. Sister Dreu is such an amazing sister missionary and like a sister to me. I love her so dearly. She lifted me up and gave me encouragement both her and Sister Mahoney. I know someday soon, we will still meet each other again. Oh well, speaking of Sister Forbush she's one of the sweetest missionary ever I met. Like Sister Dreu and Sister Mahoney, Sister Forbush comforted me, cheered me up when I had my weaknesses. They gave me inspiration as well. Many people comforted me, lifted me up of course. They didn't give up on me. They did understand me and my situation as well. Ooops, Elder Maasin will returned home 2 months from now this coming July. He wanted to finish his mission here in Dumaguete but it's the Mission President's revelation so I know he will love his last area. Elder Steiner it's a good news that he will become a ZL in Talisay Cebu. Elder Gabriel's new companion is Elder Consigna. Elder Consigna was assigned before here in Dumaguete Branch 3 with his companion Elder Revillo. Elder Consigna is back in Dumaguete Branch 2 but is assigned in Siquijor. Siquijor is progressing and this Island has great future and has a big potential.

So well, after the baptism me and my friends (Nathy, Abby, Ate Joy and Kevin) played badminton and I really had fun. Since I gained weight and almost of my pants doesn't fit on me now I grabbed the opportunity to play, exercise, get sweat so that my waist will be slimmer. hahahha Anyways, I had a wonderful at the church. And on my way home, I was really tired and I don't know what really happened to me. As I crossed the street,my mind was floating and I just realized I was crossing the street when I almost bumped on the tricycle. What's on my mind. I was thinking a lot of things that floats my mind. Maybe I was really tired. And again, I was riding an easyride I didn't noticed again that I'm near on the way home because my mind was floating again. I just realized I was near already when the light was so bright from the post. Well, what am I thinking? I was thinking of the people who were so close to me. I'm on a stage right now that is so confusing. I don't know what to do. I couldn't tell no one because they won't listen to me I really feel it.

Since it's my month, my birthday is fast-approaching, I don't have any idea what am I going to do and don't have any plans on my birthday. For me it's just a normal day for me. Since before, my birthday was just a normal day nothing so special. I don't have any expectations as well. It thus makes all things so complicated. I'm just really grateful that Heavenly Father added another year for me and I'm happy that another year to be added this year. I will be turning 22 this coming 20. Still nothing so special on my birthday still.

This is the only way I could express what I really feel inside. Nobody understand me because I think I'm that really weird person. :-) I hope I can make all things not being so complicated.

For me not to forget the missionaries who were assigned in Dumaguete Branch 3 after the split of Branch 2 and Branch 3, I'm going to write all down here the name of the missionaries. This will serve as a history and since this month, May is the one year, 1st anniversary of Branch 3.
1. Elder Lambert (Last Area) and Elder Tulutau (First Area)
2. Elder Daisog and Elder Ferris (First Area)
3. Elder Ferris and Elder Glines
4. Elder Consigna and Elder Revillo          1. Sister Muena (trainor), Sister Navarez and Sister Pedroso (First Area and anak)

5. Elder Revillo (Trainor) and Elder Calpo (First Area)       2. Sister Rugg and Sister Webber (Tacloban Mission)
                                                                 3. Sister Webber and Sister Mahoney
6. Elder Calpo and Elder Steiner (3rd cousin of Elder Parkinson)     4. Sister Mahoney and Sister Dreu

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